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The caravan is a barrel top wagon, painted and decorated in a traditional style.  It is set on a modern chassis and pulled by a passenger car.   It can set up anywhere that is accessible by wheeled vehicles on fairly level ground. For performances the caravan detaches from the car, which is driven away to conserve the ‘old fashioned’ quality of it’s appearance.


Height from ground: 2.5 m
Height inside floor to ceiling: 2 m
Width: 2 m
Length: 4.85 m


There are bench type seats along the walls, sheepskin and pillows on the floor.  At the back is a raised stage with curtains where the storyteller sits.


The Caravan can seat up to 25 small children (ages 5-8) and roughly 17 large children ages (9-13).


Average time audience spend in the caravan is 40 minutes.We suggest story sessions no shorter than 20 minutes. Melissa usually tells stories for up to 3 hours with a break in the middle of about 30 minutes.


Unfortunately the caravan is not wheelchair accessible, however we make every effort to include the physically challenged.