The Magic Bowl

The Magic Bowl

for all audiences age 6 and up, 45 minutes

“The Ogress”, from the show “The Magic Bowl”.

A poor boy has only three coins to buy the food for New Year’s Eve. But he uses his money to save a dog, a cat, a fish…

In a very singular way, Melissa Baker brings together singing and storytelling. With (or without) the the effect of a looper, she creates chains of sound sequences that evoke landscapes and movement to accompany her story. These soundscapes created live become a natural part of the background.

Melissa Baker has added nothing but her voice and music to these rich and colorful folk and wonder tales. She took just a step back to let them fill her listeners imagination.

By giving them a contemporary voice and musicality, Melissa brings to our ears a new kind of orality.

This show was created thanks to a generous residency and grant from “Le Château Coquelle”, Dunkerque.