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Melissa Baker is a storyteller, director and performer. She brings audiences inside her storytelling caravan to relive the atmosphere of an old wandering wagon and the comfortable closeness it brings. It's the perfect place for listening. Children loll on the sheepskins, stretch out or sit up on the bench seats. Adults huddle close in too. It's often a tight fit but once everyone's settled it's a surprisingly infinite space.
Melissa Baker


“Contes en Îles” festival, Madeleine Islands septembre 2015

CAM01206#1 CAM01177#2 CAM01158#2 CAM01205#1Wind scathed me, water whitened me, and words washed over me with a salt and brine flavored cranberry twist. It’s not Ireland but it’s still a piece of heaven. Lucky stars, thank you for this wonderful storytelling adventure and invitation to a new world. Aahhhhh!

Platform in Picardie

Moon Flower and Mother Goose, Melissa’s newest storytelling show for children ages 3-6 years old has been selected for the Storytelling Platform in Picardie France May 27 – 28 2015. Video here.

THE STORYTELLING CARAVAN IS BACK! At the West Cork Literary Festival, July 17th, 2015. More info.

Poster by Mr. Alan Clarke

News from abroad

Over the past couple of years from 2011 till 2014 most of my storytelling has been taking place in the North of France. Yes, indeed, I have been speaking that froggy tongue and creating storytelling shows for adults and children. Here are some of the photos…

And here is a link to the french version of this webblog : www.melissabaker.eu

for more info and details (if you speak french).

More to come after the New Year.

Hello world!

Melissa Baker

Swept away with stories

Storyteller Melissa Baker invites audiences to rediscover timeless fairy tales, unveiling a plethora of improbably poetic tweeks and twists designed to tune the listneners ear to the frequency of her most surprising wavelength.